You Can Claim a $100,000 Reward by Hacking into John Mcafee’s New Crypto Wallet

You Can Claim a $100,000 Reward by Hacking into John Mcafee’s New Crypto Wallet
Mcafee described the Bitfi wallet as the world's first un-hackable storage for cryptocurrency & digital assets. Photo Credit: CoinCrispy

Reknown internet security expert and digital advocate John Mcafee has a new ultra-secure crypto wallet and he is offering a cash reward of $100,000 to anyone who can successfully hack into it.

Mcafee claims Bitfi, his new hardware wallet is impenetrable and cannot be breached by any known method. He has backed up his claims by challenging hackers to break into it and prove him wrong. Mcafee who announced the challenge and the accompanying reward of $100,000 on his twitter handle said every single successful hack qualifies for the money.

“The $100,000 bounty to anyone who can hack the wallet is not just for the first person who hacks it, but to everyone who can hack it. If 100 people hack it, each one gets $100,000. But I promise you, it cannot be hacked, ever, by anyone or anything. Try it.”

The Bitfi wallet seamlessly combines such contradictory attributes as faultless, impenetrable security with incomparable ease of use.

Bitfi’s developers say on the webpage that the hardware is the product of years of disruptive research and development, with Mcafee describing it as the, “the world’s first un-hackable storage for cryptocurrency & digital assets.”

The Bitfi hardware crypto wallet

Hackers still intent on claiming the $100,000 bounty would be first required to purchase the $120 device. According to Mr. Mcafee,

“The rules for claiming the bounty are simple: We deposit coins into a Bitfi wallet.

If you wish to participate in the bounty program, you will purchase a Bitfi wallet that is preloaded with coins for just an additional $50 (the reason for the charge is because we need to ensure serious inquiries only).

If you successful extract the coins and empty the wallet, this would be considered a successful hack.

You can then keep the coins and Bitfi will make a payment to you of $100,000.”

John Mcafee is a British-American computer programmer and businessman. He is renown as the developer of the first commercial anti-virus software, which was named after him.

In recent years, his interests have expanded to include cryptocurrency and the underlying blockchain technology where he has brought his expertise to the development of secure digital assets. He is also one of the strongest cryptocurrency advocates, predicting in June 2017 that bitcoin would sell for $500,000 by 2020.