XMR Wallet passed the audit and added new features

xmr wallet

XMR Wallet has announced the completion of an external security audit, which was conducted by the US company New Alchemy.

Also, developers reported on the addition of new functionality.

“I thought it was a good idea to audit the site. I hope that I covered the rear well, especially since the service is working with money”, wrote the author of the platform under the nickname WiseSolution in his message to Reddit.

During the audit, New Alchemy specialists found seven critical vulnerabilities, which are already eliminated by the development team. Several other major problems were also discovered. At the moment, developers are working on the latest vulnerability found.

“XMR Wallet demonstrates a high level of usability, a modern approach to the development process and a clear separation between the server functionality and the client,” the New Alchemy report notes.

Also, the new features of the wallet were reported – a special page for printing the seat and the opportunity to expose the value of the transmitted cryptocurrency in US dollars.