Which one will TapJets choose – Litecoin, Verge or Ripple?


TapJets, which deals with private flights, plans to integrate one of the three coins as a means of payment.

TapJets renews the interest of adding a cryptocurrency as a means of payment. Earlier several airlines already provided support for Bitcoin (BTC), but because of the high volatility of the market, many market participants decided to simply refuse or delay the cryptocurrency with the introduction of an option that allows users to conduct transactions with virtual money.

Recently, altcoins began to attract the attention of large corporations due to low commissions and wider user support around the world.


However, TapJets cannot choose between three altcoins – Litecoin (LTC), Verge (XVG) or Ripple (XRP), so it conducts an open vote on the social network Twitter. Litecoin most likely has an advantage, since it is the most widely available altcoin in the US – via Coinbase, as well as on Gemini.

Litecoin is also the most stable in terms of price, with little volatility. The market prices of LTC fell slightly to $139, as only a few days ago the token was traded at a price of $150.

Although the Verge community is not as large as LTC, recently this token has been popularised worldwide because of a fairly loud partnership with various companies. XVG slightly decreased in price to $0.055. In addition, Verge has good marketing support.

Ripple recently reported that it is trying to distance itself from XRP, cryptocurrency, which very few people perceive just like that. Therefore, this cooperation will only strengthen the position of XRP as a currency, not a security. The XRP is trading at $0.69.