Trump former advisor will consider the possibility of ICO

trump former advisor

Trump former advisor, Steve Bannon, held meetings with hedge funds and private investors about the possibility of ICO for his company Bannon & Company.

Bannon declined to disclose the details of the results of the talks out of fear that his ambiguous reputation could harm future plans. However, the ex-adviser admitted that he kept some of his savings in bitcoin. Moreover, he believes that cryptocurrencies challenge the authorities and individuals engaged in “destructive populism”.

trump former advisor

“They (cryptocurrencies) take away control from the central authorities. It’s revolutionary .” the politician and investor stressed.

Also, Bannon has shown interest in digital currencies since at least 2016. However, the general public about his predilection became known only in 2017, after Bannon left the White House.


This year, he said that blockchain technology gives people “true freedom.” Speaking of prominent figures in the world of cryptocurrencies, Steve Bannon said:

“These guys are prophets”

Earlier the ex-adviser said that he helps other people to create their own crypto-currencies. In addition, Bannon even considered the possibility of creating his own digital currency called “deplorables coin”.

Earlier, ex-counsel and advisor also to Donald Trump, Gary Cohn, expressed confidence that in the future there should be a global cryptocurrency, but it will not be bitcoin.