TRON falls, despite the startup of the main net


OKEx became the latest crypto-exchange, which announced its willingness to support the migration of TRX from the Ethereum network to the main ecosystem. TRX is trading at $0.062.

The market value of TRON (TRX) began to decline last week amid a fall in the general crypto-currency market. After Bitcoin (BTC), the leading cryptocurrency demonstrated a slight decline to $7,000, TRX slumped $ 0.062, showing more than a 20% decline in only the last 7 days. Given that the launch of the main TRON ecosystem is planned for this week, and will be held in 2 days, it was assumed that the cost of the token will begin to grow. However, in the descending dynamics in the general market of digital assets, some in the community do not even believe that the token will be able to demonstrate significant growth.

Etherscan tracks large enough TRX transactions that are directed to digital wallets of trading platforms that have provided support to the TRON platform when moving tokens to the main ecosystem. However, there are more than 1,000,000 addresses containing TRX, and it is not known whether the holders of tokens are aware of the movement of their savings in the shortest possible time. OKEx is one of the last trading platforms, which is ready to provide the migration of tokens.


Holders of the tokens of this digital platform must move their assets before June 21st. The new tokens will already be used in the election of super-representatives. Of course, there is already a list of candidates, and it is the TRON community that determines the future and the development path of the digital platform. Not long ago, Justin San reported that the TRON team decided to thank the holders of Ethereum, which contributed to the development of the TRON platform. Therefore, most likely, the TRON team understands the value of the holders of tokens and their importance in the development of the ecosystem.