crypto-exchange platform has been launched

76, a Switzerland-based financial platform of the next generation announced the launch of the same-name crypto-exchange.

At this stage, the exchange operates in a test mode – 1000 pre-selected users are granted access to it, and in the future access will be received by other customers.

At the initial stage, offers trading in pairs between Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin and TradeToken (own company token). In the future, it is planned to add not only additional cryptocurrencies to the platform but also forex assets, stocks, securities and so on.

Also in the statement, it is said that in the future users will be able to exchange fiat currencies for crypto assets.


“The Exchange was created to return power to users through the democratization of the financial industry. We collect revenues and return them back to customers. Through the efforts of our team of fi nite experts, we have created a stock exchange of the future now, ” said head Jim Preissler.

As the company notes, at the moment new users registered on the site will be placed on the waiting list and will have access to the trade after they reach the queue, they will have access to trading with cryptocurrencies and other assets.

Representatives of the exchange say that at the moment is the only fully customizable platform for users. During the testing, the exchange team received a lot of feedback from customers and implemented all the necessary functions. It is also noted that customer service is not suspended during the upgrade of the platform.

Another important feature of the new exchange is the open source available to GitHub, as well as its own liquidity pool, formed at the expense of users, who subsequently receive a reward for this.

At the initial placement of coins (ICO), which was completed in January of this year, collected more than $31 million. 65.7 million TradeToken tokens were sold, and the number of campaign participants reached 15,000. It was the funds collected during the ICO that allowed the company to launch a crypto exchange.