Top 10 ICOs for Investment in 2018- Can You Make A Fortune?


On the frequently-asked question is how you can invest in an ICO and earn a fortune!

It’s true that purchasing tokens during an ICO can be the most productive time to do so. However, with many scammy ICOs now in existence – fueled by speculation instead of actual market need, ICO investments should be approached with comprehensive research under your belt.

According to research done by ICORating and ICObench, the major industries of successful ICOs include gaming/gambling/VR with 40% then media/social service at 20% then health care, Blockchain industry, financial services and trading tie at 10%.



If are you looking to invest in ICOs in 2018, herein we have outlined ten projects that you may consider. Our selection criterion is based on the following:


• Positive investment rating

• Lowest risk score

• Well-developed marketing strategies

• Managed by a highly-qualified team of  professionals

• Robust technical development characteristics


So, let’s delve and explore:


1. Truegame

Truegame’s ratings are already at the top according to ICObench. This platform prides its self on having not only an outstanding profile but also a great team to back it up. Truegame is an iGambling platform based on blockchain that caters for anybody interested in the casino industry.

Among the many possibilities, Truegame offers you as its customer is, a variety of games and a billing system, the option of using the shopping cart and purchase online tickets with company tokens.

The company’s tokens called TGAME tokens are based upon the ERC20 standard. TGAME tokens allow you as a customer to process your payments, pay your debts or commission and accumulate funds within the system.

Reasons as to why Truegame is a great investment include; full-compliance technical development, high social activity, and a low-risk score. You can also rely on the teams’ skill sets that will increase project efficiency and attract investments.

2. FansUnite

FansUnite is the answer to better sports betting. It is a platform that will work using Ethereum-based blockchain technology and use of smart contracts that will ensure the transactions are stored in the blockchain. Post-match manipulation will be a thing of the past because the contract is immutable.

Among the many advantages offered by FansUnite will be an unseen level of transparency, increased security, faster payouts than any other online sports betting companies, and providing the cheapest service in the market.

FAN tokens will be used on this platform in the bets. FansUnite is bound to succeed considering it is filling a genuine gap in the market through solving problems occurring in an industry that is worth billions globally making it a great investment point for you.

3. Cypherium

The great team behind this platform is enough to make you start investing in it immediately. The team comprises lead blockchain cryptographers with backgrounds at companies like Amazon, Google, and Microsoft.

Cypherium, designed to be incredible, scalable and permissionless, will function on a new blockchain. It is unique because of its multi-level governance design where governance is separated by the blockchain at the protocol and the application later.

You should invest in Cypherium because of its unique factor of seeking to eradicate issues with scalability and also giving blockchain the ability to cross over to mainstream usage. Don’t forget about its great team.

4. NAU

NAU is taking advantage of the availability of mobile phones almost everywhere in the world. It is aiming to connect customers and retailers directly using blockchain technology.

How it works is by you as an advertiser creating an offer, each time somebody redeems that offer you pay 1 NAU token. The user who has invited the redeeming customer gets 95%of the reward, therefore, encouraging users to share the NAU application within their social circle.

NAU is worth your attention because of it is a perfect combination mobile/social/local and it brings in an entirely new perspective to the concept of digital coupons.

5. Play2live

Play2live is a successfully launched ICO in the gaming and VR industry. It tends to give a wide range of personalization, optionality, functionality, and application that are specifically aimed at the export industry.

Many investors have placed a bet on this ICO because the platform provides a unique solution to address the significant issues with streaming and esports platforms currently in existence by using blockchain technology.

6. Virt-U

Virt-U aims to create a global virtual gaming revolution where you can learn and earn. This virtual economy enables you as a user to gain real-world benefits from your trade, and the framework will allow developers to offer various in-game assets that can be traded at online marketplaces.

Without doubt, augmented reality, virtual reality and gaming are growing fast, and with over two billion users across the world this is a space to watch. Furthermore, Virt-U has already built a good reputation which is supported by big names such as OBE as well as CBE awarded individuals.

7. aims to streamline the administrative function in the healthcare industry. The platform will improve health outcomes through optimizing the administrative and IT process involved in care coordination.

Perhaps you should consider this platform because of the excellent ratings it is getting not only from its services but also in investments.

8. Cappasity

Cappasity is a decentralized platform in the gaming and VR industry. It is designed for creating, renting, and selling 3D content. The project idea is promising and has long-term goals to spread AR/VR technologies globally. Technical compliance is up to par and all documentation is well-structured, giving clear argumentation and explanation. Also, the team members have vast experience in a wide variety of fields.

Why you should invest in cappasity is because of its very low-risk score which guarantees excellent demand in the coming future.

9. DreamTeam

DreamTeam ICO is the first eSports and gaming recruitment and management platform. DreamTeam platform is based on blockchain and smart contracts to provide highly secured transactions.  It offers a set of tools for coaching, employee management as well as analytical analysis. Developed media tools enable players to analyze, collect, and create media data.

Why you should invest in DreamTeam is because it is aiming to be a platform that will help grow the esports community by providing a single platform where teams can access professional-grade management services.

10. Rentberry

Rentberry is a decentralized long-term rental platform. It is capable of automating every step of the otherwise irritating rental process that includes signing contracts and making payments. Precious time and money are saved when Rentberry comes into play. It also hastens the time taken to make and come to agreements.

Rentberry utilizes smart contracts that also give tenants the chance to save big in rental deposits that are usually taken for security purposes. In the US, about $500 billion is locked up in rent deposits, and the fact Rentberry can free up these funds,  is not only good news for the landlords and tenants, but is also a big win for the entire economy.


Final Tip

All said done, investing in ICOs can be risky. It is essential to determine viable projects to invest in by evaluating them as follows; establish the capacity of the team behind the project, go for disruptive concepts, analyze the tech and last but not least think logically about the risk.

Have you invested in ICO before? What was your experience? Which other tips do you use to identify a successful ICO? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.