The Zcash team introduced a new version of the software


The development team focused on the increased privacy of cryptocurrency Zcash introduced a new version of the software (1.1.1), containing some elements of the upcoming network update called Sapling. This is reported on the company’s blog.

Before the Sapling upgrade scheduled for September of this year, on June 25, at block 347500, the Zcash protocol, called Overwinter, will be upgraded. The latter includes version control, protection against replaying transactions for future upgrades, and an overall improvement in the health of transparent transactions. A completely new function of Overwinter is the expiration of transactions.

The sapling will support the configuration of the Powers of Tau parameters, which should significantly reduce the likelihood of problems and risks when installing applications using zk-SNARK technology. Also, new important functions will be introduced, including the ability to issue custom tokens based on the Zcash blockchain. Also, Sapling will reduce the transaction confirmation time from 37 to 7 seconds, and the required amount of memory – from 3 GB to 40 MB. The original version of the software is called Sprout.

The version of Zcash 1.1.1 involves updating the primary consensus rules needed to prepare for the launch of the Sapling test network.