The main TRON network is started


However, the market is not surprised, and the value of the token does not reflect the importance of the event for the community. Since the Day of TRON network Independence – June 25.

May 31 TRON (TRX) launched its own network to prepare the system for the election of super-representatives scheduled for the end of June. The founder of TRON, Justin Sun, revealed information about the new functions of the running system. June 25 has already been called the Independence Day, because on that day migration of tokens from Ethereum-blockchain to the main ecosystem will end.

According to a statement published by the TRON Foundation team, the system, called Odyssey 2.0, has higher network bandwidth and additional technical capabilities for creating distributed applications.


Relying on the recent price indicators of the TRX market, still, the launch of the main ecosystem did not significantly affect the value of the digital asset. TRX even slightly decreased in price – by 5%, and is currently trading at a price of $ 0.061. There is a downward trend in the TRX market, as trading volumes did not reach any high level. TRX is trading with a small premium against the Korean WON at the Upbit cryptocurrency trading platform at $0.062.

Access to the TRON protocol, called Odyssey 2.0, was provided a few hours before the official announcement of the startup of the main net, submitted to GitHub. Although famous for creating a sensation around TRON, this time the announcement was not so loud. The community is pleased with the fact that the main system is launched, as the developers of the platform will be able to establish partnerships with Alibaba or similar large companies. Some users on Reddit were even slightly skeptical about opening the main network and believe that one should be more cautious, calling the launch a real feat for TRON, since the tokens are not officially replaced, and the election of super-representatives to achieve consensus has not yet taken place. In fact, this is a configuration file, changed from a test net to the main net. And the test network will work for another 3 weeks before the full replacement of the tokens and the completion of the election.

In one of the latest tweets, San said that he hoped that the election of super-representatives, scheduled for June 26, would become the gold standard of the blockchain governance. The founder of TRON thanked John McAfee for his attention to the project.

On May 29, McAfee on his own Twitter page offers TRX holders to vote for Team Tronics, and the main argument is that the team has beautiful women who promised to give him their phone number. A similar style of messages is characteristic of McAfee. One Twitter user drew attention to the fact that representatives of TRON participate in the elections, which is very similar to the situation if Google collaborated with Google.