The first Chinese Bitcoin-exchange BTCC will present an updated trading platform in June


The first Chinese Bitcoin-exchange BTCC announced plans to present an updated digital platform that allows users to conduct operations for the exchange of digital assets in June 2018. The following coins will be presented on the platform: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Litecoin (LTC), at the beginning of the project launch.

Representatives of the BTCC confirmed the information on the launch and reported that it is planned not earlier than next month. BTCC is characterized by better liquidity, faster confirmation of receipt and withdrawal or deposit funds, also a small difference between the prices for the purchase and sale of digital assets, as indicated in the company’s statement.

It is assumed that in early stages trading will be available in pairs with BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC, but soon the quotation list will be replenished with new tokens. The commission fee will be zero only the first three months after the start of sales. Traders will be provided with services for cold storage of assets, which will improve the level of money security. There is still a hot way to store assets, but after theft funds in the form of NEM (XEM) token on the Japanese cryptocurrency exchange Coincheck, which used the hot method, many trading platforms switched to a cold storage mode, like Coincheck itself.


BTCC is known for being the world’s first cryptocurrency exchange, which opened access to trading activity in 2011. But already in September 2017 had to suspend trading in connection with the introduction of a ban on the conduct of operations and the initial offering of coins in China. The company moved its trading activities to Hong Kong and London, but in January 2018 its assets were acquired by an investment fund in Hong Kong.