The biggest stock exchange from Switzerland to offer crypto trading


The parent company of the Switzerland’s principal stock exchange, SIX Group has disclosed their intentions to offer cryptocurrency trading services on their native digital trading platform. Although their trading framework is still in development it already has a date set to open in mid 2019.

The SIX Group (Swiss Infrastructure and Exchange) operates Switzerland’s biggest stock market with plans to offer a regulated exchange for digital assets that will present the customers with a complete range of services from ICOs to consulting for non security registered ICOs.

Stephen Meier the SIX Group spokes person had stated that the need for setting up a transparency and accountability in the crypto world is big. These regulations will be very beneficial for all of the businesses in this field but also for the investors too.

“Not only traditional financial service providers and investors are interested in this, but also numerous companies and investors who want to take advantage of the new digital opportunities for raising capital and trading in digital assets.”

There still haven’t been a final decision made about exactly which products will SIX Group offer, but it has been noted that the company wants to be technically capable of offering various digital assets with a serious due diligence process beforehand.


The company is making consultation contacts with the regulatory bodies in order to work on the areas that need the most additions and adjustments to the legal framework in order to build a solid relationship between the traditional finance services and digital communities.