A grant of 2.25 million Australian dollars (around 1.7 million U.S. dollars) has been awarded to the Sustainable Sugar Project by the Australian government.

Led by the Queensland Cane Growers Organization, the Sustainable Sugar Project will be using blockchain technology to track the origin of their sugar supplies to Australia. This new execution plan is known as Smart Cane Best Management Practice (BMP) and it has become an important element of the sugar industry’s push for a more sustainable and traceable supply chain.

With the help of blockchain technology buyers will be enabled to clearly track where did the sugarcane came from and approve its origin and the sustainability of the farm. The Cane Growers organization has commented on this:

“Blockchain’s main attribute is that it’s a secure database in which all transactions are recorded and visible… the quality sugar produced from the sustainably-grown cane can be traced back through the chain, giving consumers confidence in what they are buying.”

A special collaboration has taken place between farmers and industry experts that worked on the best practices and industry standards. The Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources has said that its possible for the large sugar buyers to pay more in future in order to get a sustainable sugar as the demand increases for sustainably-sourced products. David Littleproud the Minister of Agriculture has stated:


“This technology would provide assurances around the sustainability of our sugar and ensure cane farmers using sustainable practices can attract a premium for their product.”