Service has suspended bitcoin payments


One of the world’s largest hotel reservation and flight networks, stopped receiving bitcoin payments on June 10th. This was reported by the Reddit user under the nickname bowiestar.

“A lot of us in the tech industry get a portion of our salary in bitcoin and it was really good to use Expedia for flights. I won’t be using them anymore!” the disgruntled customer said.

Another user under the nickname NLNico explained that Coinbase’s decision to refuse custody services to merchants could force Expedia to remove the payment option in bitcoins.

“Expedia doesn’t accept bitcoin anymore due to Coinbase stopping custodial merchant tools. So for now, there is,,, etc for hotels too.. or one of the gift card sites for a coupon (if you prefer to do it that way.)”

Note that the Expedia service began taking bitcoins for payment as early as mid-2014.

Earlier, online booking agency canceled cooperation with Bitcoin-Exchange Coinbase in the issue of handling cryptocurrency payments in favor of BitPay.


The reason was Coinbase’s refusal to support custodian solutions for merchants.