Roger Ver invited the community to send BCH to the chief economist of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange


Most likely, Shusong Ba will be able to assess the advantages of the coin and BCH-network personally. However, not all users considered this step on the part of Roger Ver appropriate. At the time of publication, the tweet was unexpectedly removed.

Roger Ver has invested and continues to invest a lot of effort into the development of the BCH community, but his last step demonstrates what he is ready to do even more. Ver met with Shusong Ba, chief economist at the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, and invited the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) community to send Shousong Ba coins. He said this on his Twitter-page on May 21 in his post, noting that he decided to explain to Ba how “amazing” coin is BCH that he shared this information with 9 million Weibo users. Therefore, Ver has posted an address where you can transfer funds in the form of BCH. Weibo is considered one of the largest social platforms in China and is a microblogging service.

I’m currently explaining Bitcoin Cash to @Shusong_Ba, the Chief Economist for the HK stock exchange. Show him how amazing BCH is by sending him some so he can tell his 9M Weibo followers about it. His address:

— Roger Ver (@rogerkver) May 21, 2018


This step is not something new for the BCH community since sending a few BCHs in the quality of promotion is considered a common practice. In order to promote BCH and technologies related to this cryptocurrency, some users, including college students, have access to a registered purse with BCH coins.

Nevertheless, some considered this step on the part of Ver and BCH-community bribery, since coins are sent to an influential person in the financial world. But this did not become an obstacle to the fact that since the publication of the tweet, the Bitcoin Cash crypto coins were not transferred to the address of Shusong Ba. The address given by Roger Ver already lists more than $5,000 in the form of BCH. According to CoinMarketCap, BCH is trading at $1,181 as of May 22, 2018.