Parity Technologies introduced Ethereum v.2.0.0

parity technologies

Parity Technologies has introduced a new version of the full node software in the Ethereum network called Parity Ethereum v2.0.0.

As stated in the release, adding the name of the blockchain to the official name of the software is due to the fact that Ethereum is not only a “protocol, a public distributed registry, a global computer, but also a stack of technologies that revolutionize the perception of decentralized systems and the next iteration of the web.”

The Parity Ethereum client is able to interact with various consensus mechanisms, provides the choice between the virtual machine Ethereum (EVM) and the virtual machine WebAssembly (WasmVM), and it supports private transactions and the creation of special lists of nodes to restrict access to certain contracts.

Moreover, users should not perceive the new version of the software as a product for the end-user or Ethereum wallet, as the developers have created Parity Ethereum exclusively for mining pools, exchanges, and other infrastructure nodes. This version is specialized.

The client also lacks a graphical user interface, known as the Parity wallet.