There have been a move made by a company based in Moscow Russia called Blackmoon, to offer the number four by size smartphone tech company Xiaomi to tokenize their Initial Public Offering.

The blockchain fintech company Blackmoon that establishes and runs tokenized funds, has made an official offer to Xiaomi to sell digitized tokens for their stock on a dollar-for-dollar basis. The available payment options for those transactions would include Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin. Blackmoon’s income will be applied onto the Xiaomi’s 4.7 billion Initial Public Offering in Hong Kong stock exchange on July 9.

After last week’s last day stock offering and the overbuying done by investors, Xiaomi has decided to set their share price at 17 Hong Kong dollars or 2.16 US dollars. When we add the numbers it turns out that the company’s worth is set at 54 billion dollars, which is half of their planned to reach value of 100 billion dollars.

The token price planned in the offer by Blackmoon has been linked to the performance of Xiaomi’s shares. The Chief Operating Officer of Blackmoon, Sergey Vasin has stated:


“The price of the Xiaomi token is determined by the IPO price of Xiaomi’s Shares, with applicable fees. We only accept crypto, so it would be the equivalent amount in US dollars or Hong Kong dollars.”

Blackmoon says that the holders will be able to buy the tokens on a monthly basis. After redemption, the Russian company will trade the Xiaomi’s stock in their portfolio equal to the value of the tokens purchased.