On Bitcoin-Pizza Day, BTC trades at a price higher than $8,200


Laszlo Heinitz made the first commercial BTC transaction on May 22, 2010. Now that historic day is called the Bitcoin-Pizza Day.

In Bitcoin Pizza Day – Bitcoin-Pizza Day, or Pizza Day, first purchased for Bitcoin – Laszlo Heinitz, a programmer from Las Vegas, using the Bitcoin Talk forum, bought Papa John’s Pizza for 10,000 BTC, which at the exchange rate on May 22, 8 years after the purchase, is about $83 million. Of course, this amount is much less compared to the peak prices when Bitcoin was trading at a price of $20,000.

As of May 22, Bitcoin is trading at $8,269, showing a decline in the past few days, expected at $10,000 in coming weeks. The volume of BTC trading fell to $5 billion, which was not the case for the past several weeks.

The day of pizza, bought by Laszlo for BTC, is already perceived as a holiday, as many companies use this, so-called event, for their marketing purposes.


The team developing the Ledger Nano S hardware wallet even issued a limited series of wallets to celebrate this “historic moment” when Laszlo decided on such a purchase and contributed to the use of cryptocurrency as a legal means of payment. In the cryptocurrency community, there are also those who are sure that without Laszlo, Bitcoin would not become so popular.

In late February the famous buyer of bitcoin-pizza repeated the experiment using the Lightning Network.

The famous buyer of “bitcoin-pizza” repeated the experiment using the Lightning Network