Maltese Stock Exchange gets support from Binance in their new startup accelerator


As we all know the one of the biggest crypto exchanges Binance had moved to Malta. This country had established it self as a one of the most crypto friendly countries in the world. Now after they have fully established them selves over there, they are going even further with the support for the Maltese Stock Exchange’s new crypto startup support program.

The official tweet of the Maltese Stock Exchange.

The program is suppose to support and mentor the new fintech startups and all of the new entreprenuers on how to be more competitive. There will be many services offered such as an in-house accounting and payroll, offices and conference rooms, training center and communication services.


Joseph Portelli the chairman of the acceleration program has said that, Binance will help both the local and foreign companies to bring their products to the market in a faster way with this new easy access to a readymade solution.

Binance had also released a statement:

“We moved our operations to Malta precisely because it has demonstrated its progressive approach to supporting and developing the crypto and blockchain industry. Malta is creating a safe and legislated environment for the industry to become reputable, attracting companies like ours and man others. The Malta Stock Exchange reflects these values, providing the infrastructure for entrepreneurs and start-ups to FLOURISH in what is otherwise a highly competitive industry.”