LedgerX reported a record-breaking number of trading volume


Specializing in crypto-derivatives, the LedgerX exchange recorded ground-breaking numbers in the trading volume in the last two months.

In particular, in July the company cleared $50 million in derivative trades. In the same month, LedgerX held the largest transaction in the amount of $15 thousand for the December strike option.

According to the chief operating officer of Utica Chow, in June and July, the trading volume indicators were among the record in the history of LedgerX.

She also noted that LedgerX achieved such success by launching a new system for buying bitcoin. A service called “bitcoin in one click” works within the framework of the LedgerSavings platform and helps institutional investors to easily buy cryptocurrency at a regulated site.

“This service has emerged due to active demand from customers. In my opinion, this shows that derivatives and options are truly useful and long-term products because they can provide advanced solutions for a wide range of participants, ” Utica Chow said.

At present, the site is available for 130 institutions and large investors. In the future, LedgerX plans to add products based on Ethereum and is already negotiating with regulators.