Lambos parked at the Consensus conference are a promotion


Lambos parked in front of the entrance to the largest in the crypto industry conference Consensus 2018 in New York, were just a kind of a promotional action. In reality, these cars did not belong to investors in bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, and by order of the organizers of the event were provided by Broadway Supercars from New Jersey.

Crypto investors crazy for Lamborghinis from CNBC.

As correspondents of the channel found out, the owner of two of the presented “Lamborghini” is the owner of the company John Nouri. As he said, bright cars became simply a part of the promotional campaign Consensus 2018 and the Bitmex exchange.


“We do a lot of this for a lot of companies all the time. It’s an attention grabber. It’s for the people walking in. They all say once you make money in crypto, you buy a Lambo. I never made money with crypto but I have ten Lambos,” Nuri said.

Broadway Supercars rents Lamborghinis out for $1,000 a day. If someone wants to buy Lamborghini as a whole, then you have to spend at least $200 thousand – premium cars have long turned into an Internet meme, symbolizing the potential for earning huge capitals on cryptocurrencies.

“I see a parallel between young people that are really willing to become very rich with the very high-risk investment, and … the fact that our customers are very young,” Lamborghini CEO Stefano Domenicali said.

Many participants in the crypto community noted the controversial sense of taste of the organizers and guests of the Consensus 2018, including the director of information technologies Altana Digital Currency Fund, Alistair Milne.

“Consensus so far: 3 Lambos outside, ~$800k watches worn …
I’m the biggest fan of success stories, but do the crypto OG’s risk becoming every bit as hated as Wall Street?” – he wrote on the first day of the conference.