JPMorgan creates its own strategy in the field of cryptocurrency


Head of the London financial department JPMorgan Chase & Co Oliver Harris will be responsible for the bank’s cryptocurrency strategy, as well as lead the project developed by the organization Quorum, aimed at creating its own blockchain platform.

The news that JPMorgan has decided to create its own crypto-currency strategy is noteworthy in the light of the fact that earlier the bank’s head Jamie Dimon repeatedly made critical statements against bitcoin. Later, however, he made it clear that he was “open” to cryptocurrency with proper regulation.

Details of exactly what the bank’s strategy in the field of cryptocurrency will be are not yet clear, but it is assumed that the 29-year-old Harris will respond to the creation and promotion of his own cryptocurrency products, intended, for example, to store digital currencies.

For the past two years, Oliver Harris has been involved in the “In Residence” program, in which JPMorgan enters into agreements with prospective fintech  startups.


Whos next in this crypto rat race? Blockchain and Cryptocurrency is being adopted in all industries even telecom.