Increased commissions bad for Ethereum network transactions

increased commissions

Increased commissions have influenced the number of Ethereum network processed transactions and the number has passed less than 500,000 transactions.

From the beginning of 2018, the number of transactions processed per day did not fall below the level of 650,000 – 750,000 units.

increased commissions

Most likely, this was due to suddenly increased commissions, whose size reached $1 on July 2nd, despite the fact that the network used only half of its productivity. At the time of publication, the commission is $0.7.

increased commissions

The publication suggested that someone is paying inappropriately high commissions, increasing the cost of using the resources of the Ethereum network for all its participants.

At the same time, a number of users associated this with a “deliberate attack on a network implemented through a dubious airdrop” and voting on the FCoin exchange practicing the model of “mining with the help of transactions”.

Experts believe that high commissions in the future can significantly affect the efficiency of the network and make it unusable.