In the code of Monero cryptocurrency several vulnerabilities were detected


Monero cryptocurrency made the headlines in the crypto media with the news that, allegedly, several vulnerabilities were discovered in its core code.

According to a publication in TheNextWeb, one of them allowed intruders to withdraw from the crypto-exchange amounts significantly exceeding the initial deposit.

Manipulation of the amount occurred by adding a line of open code from the Monero wallet.

“Exchange employees saw a multiplied amount of XMR in their wallet and this simplified the conduct of dubious transactions, ” the publication notes.

This bug has spread to other cryptocurrencies that use the Monero code base. So, hackers managed to withdraw coins ARQ – hardfork Monero – from the wallet of the exchange Altex.


Other bugs include an open vector for DoS attacks in order to create an overload in the Monero blockchain and the vulnerability of the nodes, which made it possible to disable them with the help of a script.

At the time of publication of the material, all vulnerabilities were removed by the Monero development team.