George Bush ex-assistant hired by Kraken


Believe it or not, Mary Beth Buchanan, George Bush ex-assistant apparently, seems to support the American currency exchange Kraken.


Buchanan became known as the youngest federal prosecutor of the Western District of Pennsylvania. Buchanan moved directly in Kraken, from the law firm Bryan Cave, where she was engaged in the affairs of “white-collar workers” and crimes related to securities.


It is noted that George Bush ex-assistant Mary Beth Buchanan will perform her duties from New York.

In April, Kraken announced that refuses to cooperate with the state of New York and did not respond to the request of Attorney General Eric Schneiderman with a request to provide information related to manipulation in the markets and protection of investors.

Then the head of Kraken Jesse Powell said that the exchange does not intend to disclose information about its activities and considers such a requirement as “abuse of power” by the agency.

Leading analysts call the current conjuncture, which has developed in the segment of crypto-instruments, is complex. In this regard, the support of experienced lawyers can be useful for crypto-exchange sites.

Earlier this month, Peter Warrack joined the Bitfinex exchange team, who has extensive experience in combating money laundering and economic crimes.

And in February, Marco Santori, one of the most famous and influential lawyers in the cryptocurrency industry, was appointed as the new president and director of the legal department of the British company Blockchain.