Fatfish Internet Group CEO: crypto-industry will soon be ready for Bitcoin-ETF


Fatfish Internet Group CEO, Kin W. Lau stated that the crypto-industry will be ready to take bitcoin-ETF in a couple of months.

“This is a very powerful wave, it is caused by institutional demand and mass acceptance,” said Lau, stressing that interest in cryptocurrencies and products based on them is steadily growing.

The price of the first cryptocurrency fell below $8,000 after the Securities and Exchange Commission of the United States for the second time rejected the application of the brothers Cameron and Tyler Winklosov for the creation of a stock-marketed investment fund tied to Bitcoin. However, then the price of bitcoin quickly returned to $,8100.

According to Lau, this dynamic of the course as a whole is “a positive signal for both early supporters of the crypto industry and for beginners”.

“It may take another couple of months for the market to prepare for the adoption of the ETF,” he concluded.