EOS trades around $13 after the launch of the main ecosystem EOSIO 1.0


EOS launched the main ecosystem, which contributed to the growth of the market value of the digital asset. Starting on June 2, after the appearance of the EOS mainnet, the price of the token has slightly changed and has grown by as much as 16% over the last week. As of June 4, according to CoinMarketCap, EOS trades below $14 – at $13.87, while on the day of launch the price rose to over $15. EOS occupies about 8% of the total trading volume, while the share of Bitcoin (BTC) fell to 29%.

The ERC-20 EOS tokens, which were previously available on Ethereum blockchain, are frozen, and no movements with these digital assets are observed. Neither the EOS development team nor Block.one issued additional applications for the further development of the network, but it is assumed that the EOS system will be decentralized and will be managed by the crypto-exchange community. As early as June 2, the developer of the Block.one software blog reported on the release of EOS 1.0 after the release of a number of updates, contributing to the emergence of an integrated ecosystem. The official statement says that the developers do not guarantee uninterrupted operation of the network, free of errors and bugs. But Block.one is interested in growth, as the day before the startup of the mainnet, the developers entered into cooperation with SVK Crypto, an investment company developing its own business based on blockchain technology, to create a $50 million fund that intends to support the development of a neglected ecosystem.

Daniel Larimer, the architect of the project idea, does not publish any new information about the platform, but still, the network should be functional.


Meanwhile, in the community, began spreading rumors about the ramifications of the EOS Classic network after the official launch of EOS. Users are strongly advised not to transfer EOS secret keys to secure their own digital assets. Some suggest flipping in the near future, when Bitcoin, which is currently the leading coin, will lose its dominant position compared to the altcoins, relying on market capitalization indicators.

Holders of the first 10 addresses were “whales” for EOS, as they were the owners of most of the tokens. One of the largest holders was BlockOne, which was estimated to be $1.5 billion in EOS, in addition to $4 billion in Ethereum (ETH).