Element Group: Bitcoin – coin # 1 for institutional investors


While the crypto community is eagerly awaiting the alleged imminent flow of institutional investors capital, the question arises as to where these funds will be directed. Thejas Nalval, a representative of the Element Group, claims that Bitcoin is a priority among investors.

At the moment, the cryptocurrency market is oversaturated with failed projects and those that are on the brink of collapse. Nevertheless, the best still will rise to the top and we can say that at present there are a lot of applicants for the victory. So, where will the institutional investors direct their funds after they enter the market?

Element Group, a company that specializes in digital assets, believes that Bitcoin is the first and most important asset in which institutional investors will invest their capital. Thejas Nalval explained that his assumption is based only on figures. Bitcoin has the largest market capitalization and the highest level of liquidity. Thus, Nalval predicted what investors would first pay attention to, the choice would be to Bitcoin.

Nalval himself is also optimistic about Bitcoin, taking into account the market capitalization of the cryptocurrency, as well as the community of developers and investors who contribute to the development of the coin. Bitcoin actually seems like an obvious choice for institutional investors, given its market position. At the same time, the cryptocurrency has a less volatile character, since, with the fall of BTC, the price of altcoins falls even more.