Crypto millionaire lost 5,500 BTC in fraudulent scheme

crypto millionaire

Finnish crypto millionaire Aarni Otava Saarimaa invested more than 5,500 bitcoins in several Thai projects but lost it in the fraudulent scheme.

The investment was in several Thai projects, but as it turned out, the money was received by fraudsters. Several participants in the crime have already been arrested, including a Thai film actor.

It became known that a group of Thais in June 2017 proposed Saarimaa to invest in some Thai stocks, a casino in Macao, and a new cryptocurrency called Dragon Coin. The coin was to be used for casino needs. Scammers even brought a businessman to the casino in order to demonstrate the reality of their promises. After that, Saarimaa transferred 5564 BTC to the attackers.

However, the cryptocurrency millionaire did not wait for any profit and in January 2018, along with his local partner, applied to the Thai police department.

After the investigation, the police reported that a group of intruders did not invest the received bitcoins, but exchanged them for Thai baht and distributed funds to several bank accounts. A total of about $24 million was received.

According to the police, for the participation in the scheme was arrested actor Djirattisit Jaraviyyit. His brother, Prince Jaravijita, is called the leader of a fraudulent organization. It is noteworthy that he left the country and is allegedly hiding in the United States.

“It’s complicated. We need to carefully examine the documents and track all the translations. It took us almost seven months to get a warrant for the arrest of the first group of suspects, “said Deputy Chief of Police Paul Kol Chakrit.