Chinese investor sues OKCoin due to loss of Bitcoin Cash coins


A cryptocurrency investor from China has decided to file a lawsuit against the OKCoin exchange due to loss of Bitcoin Cash coins.

Apparently, the number is 38.748 Bitcoin Cash (BCH) coins, which he was to receive from the OKCoin exchange after the bitcoin held in August 2017, but so far they have not been seen.

According to the user under the pseudonym Feng Bin, the exchange refused to credit his account after the BCH’s hard fork, saying that he had not requested it before the deadline indicated earlier.

Now he intends to get OKCoin to pay him about $25,000 in RMB. At the market rate of BCH, the specified number of coins is estimated at about $27,500.


Earlier, OKCoin informed users that they would put coins BCH in the ratio 1: 1 to the funds that were on their accounts as of August 1st, 2017. However, when Feng Bin tried to request their BCH, the corresponding button simply disappeared. Contacting the exchange, he learned that this button was a program that automatically credited BCH to the user’s account, but it was visible until a certain time.

“You can no longer request BCH because the program has been deleted. If you did not withdraw the coins within the specified time, it is already impossible to do this, ” representatives of OKCoin allegedly told the user.

Feng Bin, however, does not agree with such statements and insists that the exchange did not inform him that there is some time limit on the BCH request.

“I did not pay attention to the OKCoin ads, and they never stated that there is any deadline for receiving [BCH] and that the program will be deleted,” he said.

Among the counter-arguments of OKCoin, there is also a statement about the “abnormally” low trading activity of the user, given the state of the market in 2017.