More Than 5 Percent of All Monero Has Been Mined by Hackers

Last year has been a big year for the crypto field and had marked itself in the history as being one of the most...

New malware infected over 40k computers and used them for mining Monero

As the technology sector in the world keeps getting more and more advanced, the hackers get more and more inventive. With each and every...

Monero malware miner attacks Apple computers

Researchers of the cybersecurity of Malwarebytes Corporation have discovered a new type of Monero malware miner, aimed at users of Mac computers from Apple.

Japanese Coincheck will delist XMR, ZEC, DASH and REP in June

The decision to remove four cryptocurrencies from the Japanese Coincheck cryptocurrency trading platform takes effect on June 18.

Cryptojacking malware secretly mined Monero and crashed computers

In these modern times when everyone and everything is connected to the internet, not many people are really aware of the dangers that are...

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BitMEX: Satoshi Nakamoto’s capital does not exceed 700,000 BTC

BitMEX research unit attempted to assess the current state of the miner that dominated the bitcoin network throughout 2009. Most likely, this person or group...
Inspired by Crypto: Chinese Artist Creates Ethereum Based Tokens

Inspired by Crypto: Chinese Artist Creates Ethereum Based Tokens

Two world renown artists are working together on a new art project that utilizes a pair of newly-minted ethereum-based tokens. Motherboard reports that, popular Chinese...
Crypto legislation: Congressman parleys with industry stakeholders

Crypto Legislation: Congressman Parleys with Industry Stakeholders

Reports say a U.S. congressman is working to enact relevant laws for the crypto sector and the underlying blockchain technology even as the market...
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