Wednesday, April 24, 2019
joseph lubin

Joseph Lubin questioned the manipulation of the price of bitcoin using Tether

ETH co-founder and the head of the start-up ConsenSys Joseph Lubin said that he doubts the manipulation of the bitcoin price with Tether's stable...

Bittrex will open a new bitcoin-exchange in partnership with

Cryptocurrency exchange Bittrex and the trading company have entered into an agreement to launch a new platform for the residents of the EU.

Tether double-spending vulnerability uncovered by Chinese SlowMist

Another day, another security flaw found in one of the well known coins. This time its Tether, continuing with its controversies. SlowMist, a Chinese privately...

250 million USDT-tokens released by Tether

250 million USDT-tokens are released by Tether, according to project representatives, who are promoting a stable USDT coin, provided with the US dollar. The crypto community...

Binance Exchange added new trading pairs – Stellar Lumens traded with Tether

Representatives of the Binance crypto exchange announced the addition of new trading pairs to the platform.

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