crypto-exchange platform has been launched, a Switzerland-based financial platform of the next generation announced the launch of the same-name crypto-exchange. At this stage, the exchange operates in a test...

BitPay received BitLicense of New York State

BitPay, a recognized and well-known crypto-exchange processing service has announced that has received BitLicense of New York State. The announcement went public on Monday, July 16th,...
hard forks

More than 40 hard forks appeared last year

More than 40 hard forks, including Bitcoin Pizza, Bitcoin Candy, and Bitcoin God, use the name of the bitcoin, only to generate short-term profits. This was...

The Federal Reserve of St. Louis began to track prices of 4 cryptocurrencies

The Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis has started tracking the rates of four cryptocurrencies using its database Federal Reserve Economic Data (FRED).

Bitcoin Transaction Costs Have Fallen to A 7-Year Low

Latest reports say the cost of bitcoin transactions has hit a 7-seven-year low. According to a transaction fee tracking website, transaction costs for the cryptocurrency...

Bitbank intends to borrow from Bitcoin users

Following Coincheck and GMO Coin, Bitbank launches a similar service. The Japanese cryptocurrency trading platform, which turned out to be among the 16 exchanges that received a license from the country's regulatory authorities for trading activities, intends to introduce a new option - Virtual Currency Lending, a virtual currency lease.

The first Chinese Bitcoin-exchange BTCC will present an updated trading platform in June

The first Chinese Bitcoin-exchange BTCC announced plans to present an updated digital platform that allows users to conduct operations for the exchange of digital assets in June 2018. The following coins will be presented on the platform: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Litecoin (LTC), at the beginning of the project launch.

The Revolut application adds support for Ripple and Bitcoin Cash

The British fintech startup Revolut has added to its mobile application the support of the digital currencies Ripple and Bitcoin Cash.

Crypto investor Brian Kelly would have bought Bitcoin Cash at the current price level

Brian Kelly never made a purchase using Bitcoin Cash, since he considers the cryptocurrency more as an investment tool, but he used Bitcoin (BTC) for this purpose.

Circle Invest will be able to automatically diversify portfolio of investors

The start-up Circle launched the full version of the Circle Invest investment application, adding the "Buy the market" feature.

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BitMEX: Satoshi Nakamoto’s capital does not exceed 700,000 BTC

BitMEX research unit attempted to assess the current state of the miner that dominated the bitcoin network throughout 2009. Most likely, this person or group...
Inspired by Crypto: Chinese Artist Creates Ethereum Based Tokens

Inspired by Crypto: Chinese Artist Creates Ethereum Based Tokens

Two world renown artists are working together on a new art project that utilizes a pair of newly-minted ethereum-based tokens. Motherboard reports that, popular Chinese...
Crypto legislation: Congressman parleys with industry stakeholders

Crypto Legislation: Congressman Parleys with Industry Stakeholders

Reports say a U.S. congressman is working to enact relevant laws for the crypto sector and the underlying blockchain technology even as the market...
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