Thursday, April 25, 2019

Bitcoin Has Found Its Bottom and Up is the Only Way Now

Analysts say the price of bitcoin may have hit its lowest point and the foremost cryptocurrency is now most certainly on the mend. Despite the...

Beats Headphones inventor files for 300mln dollar ICO with SEC

One of the most recognized headphone manufacturer Monster Products Inc. had filed the the U.S regulators of the Securities and Exchange Commission for a...

Weiss Ratings Releases 93 Cryptocurrency Grades

Financial rating agency Weiss Ratings published a rating of 93 cryptocurrencies. Nine coins were rated E (very weakly) and none were awarded criterion A (excellent).
Bitcoin the New Ethereum

Bitcoin the New Ethereum?

Consensus 2018 may have come and gone but some of major talking points from what is the biggest gathering of the crypto community have...
What is Causing This Sell Off

What is Causing This Sell Off?

The crypto market is right in the middle of a major volatility. Indeed, upheavals are not new in the crypto market but many analysts...

Is Crypto the New Nasdaq in 1970?

A longtime bitcoin investor and leading crypto analyst says the current volatility in the market significantly mirrors the conditions around the Nasdaq composite market...

Ethereum and bitcoin price analysis: Correction should be over

Through the last week and Consensus 2018 conference, the prices of the top coins by market cap did not change too much. As a result of the conference, expectations were high, but this year the Consensus 2018 just strengthened the Ethereum and bitcoin price, along with the majority of the other cryptocurrencies.

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How Crypto Is Taxed in the US: A Taxpayer’s Dilemma

Last year was a bear market for cryptocurrencies. Many investors who did not know how to hedge their cryptocurrency investments saw these...

Binance DEX Now Live! Create Your Wallet and Expect Trading Soon

On Tuesday, April 23, Binance announced that its much-awaited decentralized exchange is now live. Here’s what we know so far about the Binance DEX. Binance...

Rakuten Launches Cryptocurrency Exchange for Customers

Rakuten has begun accepting applications for accounts for its anticipated cryptocurrency exchange called “Rakuten Wallet.” The company announced that pre-registration is available for...

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