Blockchain Revolution 2nd Edition is published

blockchain revolution

Blockchain Revolution 2nd Edition by the founder of the Institute for Block Studies (BRI) Don Tapscott and his son Alex Tapscott has been published.

The first edition of Blockchain Revolution saw the world in May 2016 and was translated into 15 languages, becoming a bestseller in five Asian countries. In the Amazon list, the book is still on the first place in sales among the blockchain works.

The second edition of the book contains a lot of new information. The authors added chapters on tokens, the ICO boom, the rise of Ethereum, industry leaders and countries most loyal to cryptocurrencies (Sweden, Estonia, China, the United States and the United Kingdom are on the list).

Don and Alex Tapscott also analyzed the impact of bitcoin on culture and economics over the past two years. They are convinced that the first cryptocurrency will have a great future.


“With the launch of the Lightning Network and other scaling solutions, bitcoin will be able to justify the boldest expectations and eradicate traditional financial intermediaries,” was written in the bestseller.

The authors emphasize that for the development of detachment in the country, “seven components of success” are needed, including state support, start-up incubators, investment climate, corporate culture, educational institutions, support for regulators and the presence of a talented community.

One of the co-authors of Blockchain Revolution, Alex Tapscott has an ambiguous history – at the end of 2017 NextBlock Global Fund was convicted of falsifying data on the composition of the company’s advisors.