The Italian crypto exchange BitGrail had released a statement where they have announced that Bitcoins from the companies wallets have been seized by the Italian authorities.

They are saying that the authorities have taken the funds from their exchange’s wallets after a court order was issued from the Tribunal of Florence on June 5. The worth of the assets taken was not mentioned as the statement continued:

“On June 5, 2018, pursuant to the Tribunal of Florence orders, the bitcoins contained in the company’s wallets were seized and brought under control of the judical authorities pending further Court decisions in the pre-bankruptcy proceeding.”

This seizure had been followed thru after a petition to the court has been filed by many victims of the BitGrail hack, and the court has asserted that the crypto exchange has been bankrupt under article 6 of the Italian bankruptcy law. The BitGrail creditor Espen Enger was responsible for filing the petition that had been signed by 3000 claimants.

Early this year in February, BitGrail had suffered a hack that has caused a damage of 17 million Nano (XRB, formerly known as Raiblocks) with then worth of 187 millon dollars. The CEO Francesco Firano had stated that it would be impossible to refund the stolen amount of Nano.


The Nano Foundation had announced in April that they will support a legal battle in order to provide all of the victims of the cyber attack with equal access to a representation in order to pursue their interests in the BitGrail legal case.