Bitfinex introduces trading for Verge cryptocurrency ($XVG)


It is expected that in the near future Verge (XVG) will restore positions after the attack on the network.

Due to the fact that the network Verge (XVG) was attacked, the value of the digital asset has decreased by 27% in just the last week. XVG is trading at a price of $0.037. The digital asset more than needs to be restored. However, even the listing on the Bitfinex cryptocurrency trading platform did not significantly affect the growth of the XVG, but it is expected that access to trading on one of the largest exchanges in the digital world will still have a positive impact on the price position of the digital token. In addition, the digital asset appeared on the exchange’s quotation list on May 1. The publication of already irrelevant information outraged the followers of the platform in the social network Twitter.

As of May 28, XVG is one of the most traded on Binance digital assets in a pair against Bitcoin (BTC). A significant change in the market value of BTC also affected the prices of XVG, in dollar terms. XVG is characterized by a low volume of trading against Tether (USDT).


According to the official statement of Bitfinex, Verge trades against Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and fiat funds – USD, GBP, EURO and JPY on the cryptocurrency trading platform. However, it is not yet known how liquid these trading pairs will be.

One of the important tests for the Verge network is two attacks that occurred within one month. The attackers exploited the vulnerability of the network to withdraw money to their own wallets in the form of an XVG token. More significant impact on the community was the second hacker attack, which made alerts and doubts the security of the Verge blockchain. Verge is still mined using five mining algorithms, which are used in turn. Hackers were able to change the sequence of algorithms, and speed up the creation of blocks. That’s how the miners managed to get tokens and bring them to their own wallets.