Bitcoin Cash network processed 2 million transactions per day

bitcoin cash

the Bitcoin Cash network was subjected to a stress test on September 1st, during which the miners managed to process more than 2,000,000 transactions/day.

Thus, during the last 24 hours, the volume of BCH-transactions exceeded the similar indicator of Ripple (XRP) and Ethereum (ETH). This information, in particular, is confirmed by the Bitinfocharts data :

The service data indicate that BCH networks managed to handle the load 85,835 tx/hour or 23.8 transactions per second.


Also during the last 24 hours, the Bitcoin Cash blocks mined by miners exceeded the 8 MB limit for the first time (the size of one of them was 15.2 MB ).

During the stress test, the median value of the transaction commission was only $0.0015.