Bitcoin Cash network held a hard fork, block size increased to 32 MB


Yesterday, May 15, at block 530356 in Bitcoin Cash network there was a hard fork, which resulted in the previously announced increase in the block size from 8 to 32 MB.

On the eve of the hard fork, the miners and full nodes upgraded their clients to Bitcoin ABC 0.17.1. Bitcoin Unlimited and XT also released updates that support this upgrade.

In addition to increasing the block size and other changes in the code, OP_CODES is also available, providing functionality for implementing smart contracts and other solutions.


Another important change was the increase in the limit of the information carrier by default – from 80 to 220 bytes. This should ensure the reliable operation of the OP_Return function, which assumes a relatively inexpensive way of embedding data into the Bitcoin Cash blockchain system.

According to the Bitcoin Cash road map, the next update of the BCH protocol will take place in November this year.