Australians will be able to pay bills using cryptocurrencies


Residents of Australia will be able to pay bills using bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies regardless of whether the business takes on digital assets.

This option was made possible through the partnership of the Gobbill billing platform and the Australian Cointree exchange.

“We started only last year and we do not have too many users, but thanks to the partnership with Cointree we hope for the influx of customers. In the future, we will see if this becomes part of our daily lives. Gobbill allows you to pay your payment documents through a bank card or account, and now the list has also been added with cryptocurrency, ” commented Gobbill co-founder Shandon Evans on the deal.

Cointree exchange previously provided users with the opportunity to pay bills using cryptocurrency. Thanks to the new partnership, the service should become more convenient for customers.

The Gobbill platform is used as an intermediary to raise funds and pay bills.


“Last year, we [Cointree] paid accounts for $100 million and noticed a great interest in such a service,” said Jessica Rendon, the operations manager of the exchange.