Another German bank launches into crypto-trading

crypto trading

German bank Valens Bank has signed an agreement with Blocktrade Technology Ltd. about the use of the Crypto Trading Toolbox for crypto-trading.

After signing an agreement with BTT, which is a daughter of Stockholm IT Ventures AB, Valens Bank will provide clients with the option of crypto-trading.

“Now is an excellent time to partner with Stockholm IT Ventures and Blocktrade Technology and adopt their innovative approach to cryptocurrencies. We are confident that this software will be in demand by traders. We tested the programs and were impressed by their speed, “said Valens Bank Director Torben Pedersen.

The launch of new products is scheduled for September, and until this time the partners will be engaged in debugging all aspects of the work.

Under the terms of the transaction, the Swedish software company will receive 1.5% of the volume of funds traded on the Valens Bank site annually.


As they say on the website of the German bank, its customers have accounts in various currencies, trading on stock exchanges, as well as cryptocurrency wallets for BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC.