Almost nobody will notice the early blockchain adoption says Linux Foundation executive director


The Linux Foundation’s Hyperledger Project executive director Brian Behlendorf has said that early adoption of the blockchain technology will be unnoticeable to common people according to TechCrunch.

Giving a speech at the Switzerland TechCrunch Sessions that took place in Zug, Behlendorf has strongly argumented that the biggest number of consumers won’t be aware of the blockchain technology’s implementation from social networks, governmental websites or financial institutions when it will actually happen.

“For a lot of consumers, you’re not going to realize when the bank or a web form or a government website or when you go to Linkedin and start seeing green check marks against people’s claims that they attended this university – which are all behind-the-scenes that will likely involve blockchain.”

Blockchain can have a massive impact on the online identity part of technology said Behlendorf and instead of Facebook and Twitter – a highly centralized environments – having to store all of our information, it will be done through a blockchain-based solution.

He added:

“I think we’ve got something of a solution but it is only going to work if the end user experience of managing your identity and your personal data is made easy and made fluid. It has to feel something like your wallet when you pull out your driver’s licese and show it.”