As the technology progresses more and more areas of life are getting influenced by it. In the case of AI, this time it tried something new.

On the social video sharing platform Youtube, a video has showed up of a AI compilation using pre-existing Bitcoin explainer videos to come up with its own way of explaining the whole story behind Bitcoin. The result of this has been a complete nonsence.

This video has been created by Botnik Studios and has its own voice over has been narrated from the text files generated by the AI that have used the predictive keyboard training on dozens of Bitcoin explainers.


The AI has being making some very strange conclusions about how Bitcoin works such as the one that explains how Bitcoin transaction is executing:

“Randomly pick a number between one and 30 thousand. Now spend that amount of money on Ethereum. This is known as hashing the code to get some of that Bitcoin.”

As you can see there is a lot of room for improvement in the technology when it comes to educational purposes of using AI, in which case we can use situations like these for getting a good laugh.

And what this means for the future as it is still an emerging technology, we sincerely hope to see more of these attempts on improving on the human way of doing things that maybe in not so distant future will be replaced by AI.