A malware for Bitcoin ATMs found on sale online


Trend Micro, a security software manufacturer based in Tokyo have uncovered a Bitcoin ATM malware available for purchase online.

In a statement issued in a blog post the security company is describing an advertisement that has been posted by as they say “apparently established and respected” user of a darknet forum. The price for the malware program has been set at 25000 dollars that in had a ready to use card with EMV and near field communication (NFC) capabilities.

The EMV chips have been developed by one of the leading credit card providers in order to store the data on integrated circuits rather than magnetic stripes. The NFC is enabling for two electronic devices to be able to wirelessly exchange information.

The malware as the company says exploits a Bitcoin ATM vulnerability that is enabling the criminals to receive bitcoin worth of 6750 dollars, euros or pounds. The seller of the malware had already received more 100 reviews online both for the malware as well as other products.

This seller apparently have also been offering a regular ATM malware that has support for EMV standards. The company’s research have uncovered that the malware is exploiting a menu vulnerability to disconnect an ATM from its network thus disabling alarms.

“As long as there is money to be made — and there is quite a bit of money in cryptocurrencies — cybercriminals will continue to devise tools and to expand to lucrative new ‘markets.’ As the number of Bitcoin ATMs grows, we can expect to see more forms of malware targeting cryptocurrency ATMs in the future.”