Microsoft has filled an application for two patents with which they plan to ramp up their blockchain solutions with the help of the trusted execution environments (TEEs) as stated on its applications published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

The mentioning of the use of TEEs has been inside both of the applications, outlining the further improvement in security when using consortium blockchain network, that has a special requirement that specific nodes are endorsed in order to act as validator nodes.

In the first patent filling it is clearly stated how will TEEs contribute in security of networks:

“In one example of the technology, a first node is endorsed. During endorsement of a first node, a pre-determined type of blockchain or other security protocol code to be authorized and a pre-determined membership list may be stored in a trusted execution environment (TEE) of the first node.”

In the second patent application dating from August 9 is presented how the TEE can also include verification of blockchain transactions inside the consortium network. The TEE framework will be able to generate a trustless environment in which other VNS on that same network will “not need to do re-computation for verification,” that will enable an already authorized body to directly broadcast the “updated official state” of any given already processed transaction.

“In some examples, the entire network accepts the transactions, including chaincode transactions, and blockchain states are directly updated. In some examples, there is no need for a copy of the transaction in order to confirm a block.”