4 Interesting Areas For Bitcoin Spending


A lot of different things can be said about how bitcoin has developed over step past few years. One thing is certain though: it’s become bigger. We’re not talking about the number of bitcoins available, the market cap or pricing, or really any one factor specifically. Rather, bitcoin has simply grown in relevance and significance, and is now talked about not just as a currency alternative but as a commodity, a tech product, a harbinger of future developments, and much more. It is now a multi-faceted asset with potential influence in all kinds of different areas of modern and future life.

Despite all of this however, we can also still boil bitcoin’s modern significance down to a fairly simple question: is it useful?

This question doesn’t refer only to bitcoin’s utility as a currency, but that is where it starts. No matter what else we use bitcoin for, or how else we perceive it, its value will to some extent wax and wane with its functionality. For this reason, it’s a worthwhile practice on occasion to take a look at some of the interesting areas in which people can actually use bitcoin for spending purposes. The following are certainly among the most noteworthy.

Gift Cards For Assorted Companies


There are a few different websites that are essentially built to sell gift cards to a range of popular retail stores, indirectly. And while you can’t use bitcoin at most (or possibly any) of these stores directly, you can use it to buy the gift cards. Therefore at these sites (like eGifter), people have the ability to more or less translate their bitcoin holdings into credit for stores. It’s not the most direct or convenient process, but in one form, it’s a way to spend bitcoin in everyday life.

Microsoft (For Gaming)

Microsoft was actually one of the exciting early adopters, allowing for bitcoin usage in its Windows and Xbox gaming stores. The company actually halted that policy for a while, but earlier this year news broke that it was welcoming back bitcoin to its stores. Particularly in light of rival gaming platform Steam halting cryptocurrency payments, this is a fairly significant move for Microsoft, and provides an outlet – potentially for millions of gamers – to put bitcoin to good, practical use. Gaming appears to be an area of consistent interest in this regard, and so could continue to offer opportunities for crypto proponents.

Betting & Casino Gaming

Speaking of interest in gaming, there also appears to be significant potential for bitcoin spending to take hold in both the casino gaming and betting industries (which in some cases are directly related) online. In casino gaming, different operators are often competing with one another for whatever features and in some cases payment methods will be the biggest draws to players. And in betting, every bookmaker is different not only in terms of odds listings and event offerings but in terms of how deposits are made. In both instances there are some early instances of bitcoin and other digital currencies being accepted. And given the size of the combined casino and betting businesses, the potential for additional adoption is massive.

Travel Booking

For whatever reason, travel booking had become a very busy area for bitcoin usage at one point. Expedia was often listed among the biggest companies accepting bitcoin but stopped. Cheap Air, too, was once among the companies taking bitcoin but stopped, though it is currently searching for a new processor that would facilitate bitcoin payments once more. There are also other smaller travel-related platforms that deal in bitcoin, indicating that this could he a lasting situation. Here again, those wishing to use bitcoin as functioning currency have options.